It’s time for you to close Instagram and read a book. Here’s what I’m reading this week and why you should read it too:


“Things I Can’t Explain: A Clarissa Novel” by Mitchell Kriegman

If you grew up in the 1990s, you will almost definitely remember the Nickelodeon show “Clarissa Explains It All.” The show followed a high school outcast named Clarissa who dreamed of becoming a famous journalist. She was fond of reporting on her dramatic teenage life and her strange family as though she was doing a witty newscast for her captive audience. Clarissa’s weirdness and amazing fashion sense made her a hero to young girls everywhere, and after the show ended in 1994, we all wondered what would become of Clarissa and her lofty goals.

Wonder no more. The creator of the show has returned with an entire novel updating us on Clarissa’s whereabouts. Though the timeline is a bit skewed, Clarissa has been aged down and is now only in her mid-20s in the year 2015. The book chronicles her struggle to find her path in life as she deals with the aftermath of losing her first real job at a newspaper and her parents’ messy divorce. It’s a relatable story for any millennial trying to sort out their life. Whether or not you were a super fan of the original show, it’s a fun read, so give it a go!