Feeling lonely? Longing for a soft caress? Need a little spoon? Have $60?

can i have a hug?

The Snuggle House is business proposed to open this month in Madison, Wisconsin where clients will be able to pay $60 to cuddle with a staff member for 60 minutes. The staff, known as “professional snugglers”, propose that snuggling is a form of touch therapy, which increases levels of the feel-good hormone Oxytocin.

There is a lot of public debate about the business, and city attorneys have concern whether the business could lead to prostitution. That being said, this is not a new concept. The ability to snuggle consenting strangers for free or for pay is already happening at cuddle parties, meetups and businesses around the U.S.

Although we couldn’t find any “will-spoon-for-pay” or “will-pay-for-spoon” offers in Jacksonville (for a friend, ok?! and yes we checked Craig’s List), The Snuggle House website says you can franchise the business…if you’re into that sort of thing.

Snuggle House