Rage Against the Machine may be planning a comeback this summer after nearly two decades on hiatus. The politically-charged band has launched a mysterious website with a cryptic image and a countdown that expires at the end of this month. The image contains lyrics from another semi-retired activist band, Public Enemy, possibly hinting at a collaboration between the two groups.


Fans of the band are understandably excited about whatever upcoming project this may signal, citing this year’s presidential election as the perfect time for a band known for their outspoken political statements to return to the scene. Other people who lived through the late ‘90s, however, have collectively agreed that there will never be an appropriate time for the resurgence of the “rap rock” genre.

The world will be forced to wait in anticipation until June 1 for the big reveal. One can only imagine a band like Rage has something very interesting planned to make American music great again in the wake of Radiohead’s shockingly boring PR stunt from earlier this month.