Goodnight sweet click wheel …

Following yesterday’s announcement of the new Apple Watch, Apple Pay, and iPhone 6, Apple has quietly announced that it is finally putting to rest the iPod Classic.

Users of Apple’s classic product may feel a bit sore, but you can’t say it wasn’t coming. It’s been five years since the iPod Classic saw an update, and with the ever-increasing amount of people now using their phones as a mobile MP3 device, the need for a standalone MP3 player is rapidly on its way out. Some fans of the classic MP3 player argue that without the 160GBs of storage (the next biggest is the 64GB iPod Touch), they will no longer be able to carry around their entire music library anymore. That being said, with the increasing use of Cloud storage and streaming services, you can bet that physically carrying around that much data is on its way out too.

It was a good 13-year (almost 13) run for the iPod Classic, a direct descendent of Apple’s original iPod that was released way back in 2001. If you find yourself unable to live without it, you’d better hurry and buy one because the last batch are quickly being bought up around the web as nostalgic, click-wheel-loving buyers scramble to purchase a piece of technological history.