Who said a group of powerful and innovative women can’t host, market and perform their own show? This movement has steam to it, and I recommend that everyone gets ready to either be on this train or watch from the fields. The name of the train? Queens of the Night.

The hosting, marketing and performances will highlight five local/independent artists … or Queens, respectfully. The Queens of the evening will be Black Calla (also known as Lilly), which will be backed up by the electric Stank Sauce band (you’ve probably spotted them at Art Walk every month grooving), geexella, the hip hop vocal flower, the newly introduced Lunaxcel on the 1s and 2s, Tabi P, the lady rockstar and the funky art work by Art Muva.

Queens of the Night promo

The idea spawned via a hint of inspiration geexella had one December evening. “I did an all-girl show in December and Lilly was on it. It was a huge success. She mentioned that she wanted to do this again, on some ‘black girl magic’ for the night.” From there, it was just a matter of following the only rules to this idea, which was bringing in similarly talented and up-and-coming women, securing a venue, getting a flyer together and letting the Queen power spread.

“I kinda just have the idea that we need to do something for the women of color. A lot of us don’t get recognized” Lilly said. In a predominantly male profession, it’s easy for the woman’s presence and work to be overshadowed, dismissed and simply not acknowledged. In this movement, that will change. “We’ve been having a really good response. It’s something that the city needs to see.”

Lilly and geexella are no strangers to each other and the spotlight. They both went to Douglas Anderson, shared plenty of (Duval) stages and have held their own in their individual journeys. Black Calla is set to release her musical works in the summer and geexella gee things project is in massive rotation on your music sources (peace to Willie Evans, Jr.). Lunaxcel has recently released her EP: Running Out of Time on SoundCloud and Bandcamp and Tabi P. is preparing herself to open her pot of various events and “rooftop video” within a few months (tabiprocks.com explore and enjoy). 


Photo by C.L. McCain

“To all females, black and/or queer artists, you can have a seat at the table. You don’t need anyone to do it for you.” geexella said. With this positive attitude, she hopes to share her knowledge and inspire other women with her set platform to step out and live their dreams without waiting for help. Lilly shares the same template, so with the other Queens feeding off each other’s strengths and giving the masses their energy, women will surely possess that Queen demeanor and spread greatness. Don’t miss the steam.

This show will kick off on June 3, 2017 at Rain dogs, starting around 9 p.m., $10 for the entry fee. For more information on this event, visit https://goo.gl/9jr3c2Find them on Instagram @blackcallamusic, @geexella, @lunaxcel, @tabiprocks @artmuva