Check out our interview with Emily Zeck, aka, Thatpineapplegirl who was featured in our 2016 Food Issue. You can find her music here.

Can you tell me a little about how you decided to become a musician?

I’ve always loved music! It’s always been a good outlet for me for different emotions and stresses. My biggest inspiration comes from the people that listen to my music. My goal is to make somebody feel something. If an artist makes somebody feel something, anything, they’ve succeeded as an artist. There’s no better feeling than having somebody relate to the emotion and work you put into a song.

How were things early with your music career? When did you feel like you had something?

My music career started after I grew my social media page. I started blogging and connecting with a large fan base, and after that, I released original music. I did it kinda backward … most people release their music and then build a fan base. I built my fan base and then hit them with some originals knowing that I would already have a little support group under my belt to start my career.

As I grew my social media fan base, I made connections with some crazy influential people — Donavon Frankenreiter and Cody Simpson, to name a couple. Networking became my best friend, and traveling and exploring became my second best friend. So far, this journey has been unreal. I cannot wait to see what this world has in store for me in the future!

Who acted as your biggest source of inspiration when you began, and who are you being influenced by right now?

When I was younger, Taylor Swift was definitely the girl I wanted to be. She still kills it! Classy, empowering, and one of the most influential female artists of the century.

My current inspiration comes from all over the place. Meeting people from other countries and cultures, networking in different states, bouncing ideas off people with completely different mindsets and perspectives, and simply just placing myself in nature and letting the beautiful world in which we live to show me the deeper meaning.

Where can people find your music?

iTunes! It’s also on Spotify, and I put a lot of my covers on Instagram (@thatpineapplegirl). Just search my name and you’ll find some tunes! I’m starting a YouTube page in the near future, but I still have some planning to finish.

Have you performed at any big festivals or alongside any big acts?

I performed with Donovan and Cody a little while ago at a venue in Jacksonville Beach. It was totally spontaneous and absolutely magical!

If you could perform a concert alongside any musician alive or dead, who would it be?

Picking one is so hard, but I’d definitely have to choose Taylor [Swift]. She puts on an amazing show. I couldn’t even imagine the amount of energy on stage!

What do you want people to take away from your music?

They can take what they want from it. I’m not here to tell somebody how to feel, I’m here to put something out that I feel and let them transform and apply it to their personal life. That’s the beauty of music. Once it’s out, it’s up to the listener to make it their own.