One of Jacksonville’s newest addition’s to the craft beer scene is Town Beer Co., a bottle shop and taproom in Murray Hill. Owned by Alex and Priya Moldovan, they boast 10 rotating taps of beers from around Florida and stay true to the importance of drinking local. Recently, we had a quick Q&A session with the duo so you could get to know them just a little better.

Alex and Priya Moldovan | Stefanie Keeler Photography

Void: First, a little bit about you. Are you Jacksonville natives?

Priya: Alex and I grew up in small mountain towns in Virginia, but definitely consider ourselves Floridians. We’ve been here in Jacksonville for the past few years. We purchased our first home in Murray Hill last August and quickly saw the need for a craft beer shop and tasting room. We wanted to see the community thrive, so we started developing our business plan. Six months later, Town Beer Co. opened its doors in Murray Hill.

Why did you choose to open a bottle shop and tasting room here?

Alex: I professionally brewed for Veterans United Craft Brewery for a few years and moved into a Brewery Representative position. In this position, I saw how difficult it was to get local product into restaurants and bars in the area. We wanted to open up a shop that would highlight all the amazing beers that are made right here in Jacksonville. 

And the scene as a whole, what do you think of the Jacksonville craft beer scene? What do you add to the scene?

Priya: We rotate our taps quite frequently to ensure every brewery gets highlighted week after week. We also have a wide selection of packaged product from breweries in Florida. Why not highlight all of the delicious beer made right here in our town? Drink beer from your town!

Any thoughts on what you think of the response so far, or what it’s like to own your own company? Anything you’d like the public to know?

Alex: Murray Hill is emerging and we’re so excited to be part of the growth. Keep up with our tap list, pop-up events featuring local artisans and live local music on our Instagram and Facebook.