A new rum (Endless Summer rum) is hitting the shelves of a bar or store near you very soon. We recently did a quick Q&A with Matti Anttila of Grain & Barrel Spirits, a Southeast-based spirits company with an ever-expanding lineup of delectable drinks and liquors, to find out what exactly Endless Summer Rum is all about, what you can make with it and where you can find it.

Read our Q&A below …

Void: Briefly tell describe what Endless Summer Rum is and how it began.

Anttila: When I think about rum, I think of sun, surf and hanging out with good friends. I wanted our new rum to capture those feelings. When I approached Bruce Brown about the idea of Endless Summer rum, he immediately fell in love with the idea and saw the same potential I did. We hung out at Bruce’s spot in Hollister Ranch and brainstormed around how this new rum could best capture the essence and subsequent iconic status of his seminal movie. After a lot of searching, I couldn’t be more thrilled to finally introduce Endless Summer Rum.

Where did the inspiration come from? What’s the reasoning behind the brand?

I grew up in Santa Barbara, California and surfing was an integral part of our culture. The Endless Summer was probably one of the first movies I watched so it’s always been a part of me. When I got into the liquor business the idea for Endless Summer Rum didn’t pop into my head right away, but when it did I immediately knew it made a ton of sense. Rum is a “good times” spirit — an escape to somewhere more exotic, more chill. Surfing has always been that way for me, and the movie definitely represents that. Like the “search for the perfect wave” in the movie, I went on a worldwide journey in search for the perfect rum. My journey took me across the Caribbean, Africa and the South Pacific (including a stint surfing amazing waves in Bali) before finally choosing Barbados as the ideal place to distill our first rum product, Endless Summer Silver Rum. Not only is Barbados the birthplace of rum, it also has awesome surf and amazing beaches. The people are also great, so it’s perfect as a home base.

What’s in the rum? Describe it in detail.

Endless Summer Rum is distilled at an actual beachside distillery in Barbados, the birthplace of rum, using a blend of rums from two column stills as well as a copper pot still in order to achieve a crisp, clean and exceptionally smooth taste profile. Before bottling, we blend the rum with coral-filtered water and add in some aged rum to give it the kind of depth that really allows it to shine in cocktails.. I’m really excited that both consumers and experts agree. In the Beverage Testing Institute’s recent tasting (which is the most highly recognized rating group in spirits), ESR was awarded a score of 93 points along with a Gold Medal and Best Buy recommendation.

What are some of the best things you can use the rum in?

We formulated ESR so that it’s super versatile. I love classics like the Cuba Libre, the mojito, the daiquiri and a host of tiki-inspired cocktails, but it’s also great just on the rocks with a lime. Lately, I’ve been drinking this simple mash up of two of my favorite cocktails — a Cuba Libre and mojito.

Cola Cabana

  • 2 oz. Endless Summer rum
  • 6 oz. cola
  • 8 mint leaves
  • Juice of half a lime

Muddle mint, lime and rum in cup. Fill with ice, pour cola over. Garnish with lime wedge​.

Where can our readers find more information about the company? Where can they find the rum?

Endless Summer Rum is distributed in Florida by Breakthru Beverage Group and is available in a growing number of restaurants, bars and liquor stores. We just launched, so if your favorite spot doesn’t carry Endless Summer Rum yet, ask for it! Breakthru will remedy that situation ASAP. You can check out our website at endlesssummerrum.com and social media channels @EndlessSummerRum.