Dallas Moore is what makes the team go. The 6′ 1″ sophomore point guard from, Saint Petersburg is averaging 15.2 points and 4 assists per game. He has been named A-Sun player of the week two times and has had 10 20-point games. Here is what Moore had to say in our little Q&A. Read Beau Beech’s interview here.

Q: Pre-game meal and routine?

Moore: Usually, we go to the Boathouse, and I usually eat the chicken parmesan. I don’t try and eat that much before a game, but that’s just me. I try and take a nap around 4, and we got to be back here at 5:30. I don’t listen to music before games. I just like getting focused and relaxed, it’s just my way.

Q: What’s your favorite move, one that you don’t think can be stopped?

Moore: On a fast break, I’d probably spin. Spin left or spin right it don’t matter. I feel like I can always get past somebody to help a teammate or drop it down to a big man. My favorite move, I go to my floater, I like that a lot.

Q: Favorite part about Jacksonville?

Moore: I haven’t had a chance to get that much out of the campus, but outside I like the malls. I always like to shop, that’s just what I like to do, get shoes and stuff like that.

Q: How many pairs of shoes do you have?

Moore: Oh man, probably over 60 or 70.

Q: What’s your favorite right now?

Moore: The Jordan 11’s, the Concords in black and white.

Q: Favorite restaurant?

Moore: I like Wasabi, actually I was just there right before I came here. I got my to go plate, I’ll probably eat it before class or a little bit after practice.

Q: What do you guys do as a team off the court?

Moore: We’re always together, no matter what. We’ll get bored and we’ll just go to somebody else’s room. We’re just all well-connected. There’s never going to another teammate’s place and feeling like it’s awkward. We all bond very well and go to the same places. It’s fun and I love it.

Q: How much does that help you guys on the court?

Moore: I believe it helps a lot. We all trust one another, so we all know when we give the ball to people in the right spots, we know what’s gonna happen. I never doubt any of them, at all. I love those dudes.

Q: What’s your favorite place the team has traveled to?

Moore: I would have to say Indiana, just because of the atmosphere. It was ridiculous to me and when I walked in. I just felt like there was a lot of history. When I walked in it was just amazing. It was the first time I’d seen snow too, so that was kinda cool for me. I played in the snow like I was a little kid, it was just fun.

Q: Least favorite trip?

Moore: I would have to say USC Upstate. One, I just hate loosing to them and two, it’s always cold there and I don’t really like it. The hotel’s nice, don’t get me wrong, but I just don’t really like it.

Q: How was Cancun?

Moore: It was great. We went to the pool, walked around, talked to a lot of people. We watched a lot of the women’s games too, on our off-time. That was kind of fun as well. That was probably the best time I had while I was here.

Q: Anybody that’s ever played basketball and you could spend a whole day with them who would it be?

Moore: LeBron, he’s my favorite player.

Q: Do you compare how you play to anyone or model yourself after someone’s game?

Moore: I’d probably go for Steph Curry. I like what Steph does on the court and Chris Paul — just the way he passes the ball.

Q: Favorite non-basketball sport?

Moore: Soccer. It’s just interesting to me. That was actually my first sport when I was younger. I really liked it and it just wan’t for me at the time. Then I tried basketball and I loved it and I’ve been doing that ever since.

Q: Favorite off-court hobby?

Moore: I would say just chillin with the guys. What ever they like, and we like doing at the time, whatever comes to mind. It’s all fun.

Q: Beau said there’s a lot of FIFA

Moore: Yea in the locker room, it’s really competitive. Especially with our manager, Zach, and we treat him like he’s on the team and he’s really a part of us. He’s really good, Trent’s really good. We actually have a tournament every year. Trent won this year. I actually lost in the championship game, I was pretty upset.

Q: What music are your listening to now?

Moore: I kinda like Rick Ross. Right now I’m listening to that new Drake mix-tape that came out.

Q: Favorite Sports Movie?

Moore: Glory Road, about Texas Western that beat Kentucky in the national championship with all five black players.

Q: What’s the most underrated part of the team going into the home stretch?

Moore: I think we were struggling defensively in the beginning of the year, kinda amazing to see how we all have locked in. It’s great cause we’re actually getting a lot of stops. But our bench is the most underrated part. No matter who’s playing, if me and Beau are out, Chris [Davenport], we all love to see each other do well.