Alright, so there are a few times a year where you want to show your patriotism via fashion but still have to go through a normal day of school, work, whatever. Sure, Fourth of July you can let your America freak flag fly and go all out, but chances are you don’t have to do anything productive that day. We’re talking about days such a today, September 11, or Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day or heck, even President’s Day, where you want show your pride but without the overkill.

At the office

Ladies – Red pants, white top and and fitted blue blazer say “Heck yes I love America, but I also excel at my chosen profession”.

Guys – Subtlety is key. Blue and red gingham print button up with a blue tie and heather gray blazer. Ziiing.

On campus

Ladies – Casual, comfortable and smart. Pairing a red blazer with denim shorts and a striped top gives this otherwise very casual look a hint of professionalism.

Guys – A red, white and blue plaid button up settles right in at casual enough for class, but nice enough for your professors to take you seriously.

Around town

Ladies – American flag tank with torn denim. America’s sweetheart, only cooler.

Guys – Chambray shirt and if your feeling ballsy, red pants. I mean, America didn’t get to where it is today without taking risks.

So there you have it, American pride in sensible form. See look, even the Void staff is catching on!