Print’s Not Dead. Far from it, in fact. 

For more than a decade, Northeast Florida culture publication Void Magazine has been keeping its readers’ fingers on the pulse of the region’s unique character and lifestyle. In recent years the magazine has expanded its mission to include a distinctive line of products inspired by the region, including vinyl music compilations, art and photo prints, and locally designed apparel. 

And now, Void has doubled down on its commitment to offering tangible print products that showcase the best of Northeast Florida, releasing the gorgeous 124-page Void Photo Book. Printed on heavy stock, high-quality paper, the Void Photo Book features images from 14 of the region’s finest sharpshooters. 

“Through the lenses of its most discerning eyes, the images show our region—its culture, its natural beauty, its people—in all its glory,” says Void Editor-in-chief Matthew Shaw, who also edited the book. “The photos herein communicate a timestamped vision of Jacksonville and its surrounding counties, a narrative that is at times dynamic and inert, raw and refined, idealistic, and cynical. That is to say: a real place where real people live.”

The book includes profiles of, as well as a wide range of color and black-and-white photography from Tenny Rudolph, Jesse Brantman, Stefanie Keeler, Toni Smailagić, Leighton Hoey, Ana Kamiar, Marc Mangra, Malcolm Jackson, Kelly Conway, Adam King, Asher Nolan, Agnes Lopez, Michelle Calloway, and Cole LoCurto.

“We made this book because great photos look better in print than on screens,” says Shaw. “But we also made it as a form of communication–a love letter, in a sense. To our region. To photography. To print. To seeing–to feeling–something real.”

If you’re a resident of Northeast Florida, the Void Photo Book belongs on your coffee table. 

Void Photo Book is available for purchase via our web store or at our HQ during our Friday Pop-Up shop every Friday from 11am-6pm. $10 (+ shipping if you’d like it dropped on your doorstep).