UNLOCKING THE TRUTH is a heavy-metal trio from Brooklyn, New York who have recently risen beyond the “garage band” category to the lofty status of upstarts. After appearing on the stage of the historic Harlem Apollo Theater at Amateur Night at the Apollo, they rocked the AfroPunk Festival in NYC this past August. The band has already been featured in both Spin and Revolver magazine. Drummer Jarad Dawkins, guitarist Malcolm Brickhouse, and bassist Alec Atkins seem poised to kick the music industry in the teeth. Their recent television appearances on FX’s “Totally Biased” and Fuse News TV exhibit further positive steps in this evolving Thrasher narrative.

Nothing about this rock and roll story is all that unusual, except for the fact that the band is composed entirely of 12 year old kids. These 6th graders have known each other since preschool and are now preparing to head bang their way through puberty. According to their website unlockingthetruthband.com the group’s goal is to, “Become one of the world’s best heavy metal bands, and with their music, they want to encourage their fans to just be themselves and not be intimidated by what people say.”

In 2007Malcolm and Jared formed their first band called TEARS OF BLOOD. Even more impressive is that the band writes their own music, and cite Slipknot, Metallica, Disturbed, and Chelsea Grin among the bands that have influenced them. Performing in Times Square and at various Big Apple venues, these tiny dynamos have become one of the hottest acts around the New York metropolitan area. In addition, they are also scheduled to perform at the Fun, Fun, Fun Festival in Austin, Texas in November. With so many successes already, we will surly hear many more great things from from this electric-youth ensemble….but after homework of course.