It’s an old and demonstrable adage that the best art comes from suffering. And though riff-heavy local rock trio KSICK frontman Lane Pittman’s positivity and good-natured antics—best exhibited by his famous guerrilla instrumental performances of the Star Spangled Banner on certain national holidays—would lead you to believe the shredding guitar player’s life has been nothing but charmed, one listen to Pittman’s band’s new track “Hem of the Garment” reveals the kind of soul-searching and depth of character that only comes from internal conflict.

“I’m not a sad person by any means, but there are seasons in life that are better than others and I was definitely in a valley,” Pittman says of the inspiration for “Hem.” 

Though he says KSICK is “not a Christian band,” Pittman dug into scripture to find a muse for the song, specifically the book of Matthew. “There was a young woman who was seeking healing and just wanted to touch Jesus’ robe,” he says of one referenced passage in a song filled with Biblical citations.

“Hem” opens with Pittman’s stormy screeches, as heavy, dissonant backing from Pittman’s younger brother, Christian (drums) and Mitchell Mullaney (bass) drive the track’s heavy opening salvo forward, before a melancholy break in which Christian sings melodically, “There’s dust on the street, there’s dust on my feet. Will you make me whole again?”

The rest of the track bounces between dense, cathartic wailing and charming passages of introspection, Pittman’s laudable quest to unearth redeeming art from struggle dripping from every dissonant, cacophonous moment.

KSICK released a video for the track, which you can peep below. And the trio will be playing DIY venue The Bug House with Teen Divorce and Stay Here on June 4.