At the corner of Riverside Avenue and Post Street, you’ll find Michael George managing the bar at the aptly named, River & Post, a fairly new and exciting addition to Jax’s coolest ‘hood. River& Post features a rooftop lounge overlooking downtown Jacksonville that offers a view straight down the gorgeous St. Johns River, past the neon glow of the stadium and on up to Dames Point. R&P’s distinctive atmosphere a culinary experience that will make you, well… yell from the rooftops.

George is one of Northeast FL’s spirited characters opening his heart, at times lending his ear, and, always dexterously, competently muddling, pouring, mixing, shaking (pouring again), garnishing, etc, etc, etc. our beverages. To get to know a bit more about George, elbow up to this Pour-File from our recent Drink Issue.

What’s your favorite ingredient to work with and why?

I love spices.  Fruits and veggies are a blast to work with and all, but I can literally change seasons, entire taste profiles, even spirits themselves adding, steeping, infusing different spices. I can’t get enough. I search constantly for the next one to play with. 

What’s the single greatest item you should have for a home bar and why?

This is a loaded question. A shaker tin is very important.  We can all stir with a kitchen spoon or a common glass in your cupboard. But to truly aerate citrus juice in cocktails that require fresh citrus, you will need a shaker tin. I will always go to the Glass Bottle Society in Riverside to pick up any shaker tins and bar tools I need. They carry only the best.

After a long day working behind the bar, what is your favorite drink or brew to wind down with?

If I am treating myself, I will easily reach for Veterans United’s Raging Blonde Ale. I love this brewery with all my heart. Being a veteran myself, and seeing what they do for veterans and the community, this is a brewery I will stand behind any day. It will always be followed up with a shot of Cynar 70. It’s a beautiful artichoke liqueur that is perfect to wind down, especially before and after dinner. 

If aliens visited Earth, what drink/beer would you serve them to save the human race?

I would easily choose the Vieux Carre. It was a cocktail invented in the French Quarter (Hotel Monteleone to be exact) that each ingredient represented a country or Island involved in the war. Maybe this could persuade them that we have fun ways and representations of finding peace. If that fails, we all cheers Fernet-Branca and accept our fate. 

What’s the worst drink/beer you’ve ever had and what made it so awful?

I once had a drink with no spirit in it. That was a dark day for me…

Bulliet Proof: Bulliet Rye, Dolin sweet vermouth, Davelle Freres VSOP Brandy, Benedictine, angostura bitters, and orange bitters. The glass gets smoked with caramelized orange oils over the finished cocktail.