Located deep in the heart of America’s oldest city, Prohibition Kitchen is a vintage gastropub and lounge invoking the spirit of Bartolo, who on the establishment’s very plot, created “Genovar Theater,” the social epicenter of Henry Flagler’s prohibition era. A seasonally inspired menu, nightly live music and an interior that pays tribute to the illegal world of flapper dresses, speakeasies, moonshine, and swing highlight this St. George Street fave.

And just who is the majestic creature—the spirited character—opening his heart, at times lending his ear, and, always dexterously, competently muddling, pouring, mixing, shaking (pouring again), garnishing, etc, etc, etc. your beverages at this establishment? Elbow up to our Pour-File of Alex Rice and get to know one of the folks behind the bar at PK. 

What’s your favorite craft brewery in town and why? 

Ancient City Brewing. They are always consistent with their quality and their ability to keep us supplied.

What’s your favorite local liquor and why? 

St. Augustine Distillery’s bourbon. I enjoy using it in an old fashioned. Just a little peach bitters and simple syrup. Makes a great drink.

What’s your favorite beer on tap and why? 

The Walking Tree White IPA. Very drinkable. Not overly hopped or too bitter. I like that you can have a few and not burn your tongue.

What is your favorite beer/food combo on the menu? 

The Ancient City Galleons Golden Ale alongside our PK Signature Burger.

What do you love about your job?

I get to come to work everyday and hang out with some of my best friends, listen to the best live music in town, while serving up some pretty special food and drinks. It’s a blast every night!

Summer Breeze: The Botanist Gin, house made Don’s mix, orange juice, lemon juice, peach bitters, garnished with fresh mint
Big supporters of live music, Prohibition Kitchen presented this Into the Void: Office Music series performance by Nicholas Edward Williams, a smooth singin’, fingerpickin’ singer-songwriter who plays PK whenever he’s in town.