The 21st century has brought us some amazing things: the invention of the telephone, 100-calorie bread, and the ability to fall in love online without ever meeting a person face-to-face. In spite of all of these amazing technological advances, consumers have become obsessed with material goods. As much as we don’t all want to admit it, materialism has consumed the way we think and live.

While the temptation of always having the latest and greatest products on the market is not always the easiest to resist, it’s possible to lead a life in moderation and still be trendy. Below we’ve compiled a “Goodwill Guide” of four simple steps to help you look good, and feel good knowing you didn’t have to break the bank.

  1. Mentally prepare yourself – If you think you’re going to run in to Goodwill and find something “cute” and “vintage” in a matter of minutes, then you’re sadly mistaken. The good news is, Goodwill is excellent at organizing the store; you will find everything categorized by colors and type of clothing.
  2. Don’t pass up anything because it’s not in your size – The number on the tag of a pair of pants means absolutely nothing. Over the past 70+ years the clothing companies have been manipulating the minds of consumers into believing they’re a size they really aren’t. The common misconception that Marilyn Monroe was a size 14/16 actually translates into today’s 6/8. Gentlemen, this rule applies to you, too. Although more common in women’s apparel, vanity sizing occurs in men’s clothing, too.
  3. Venture out of your comfort zone – One of the best attributes of shopping at Goodwill is the eclectic mix of merchandise. So, take your time and explore the different styles and color options. Don’t be afraid to head over to the opposite sex’s section. You may be surprised by what you find.
  4. Open your mind – This rule doesn’t apply to Goodwill shopping only. Just because something doesn’t look good on the hanger, doesn’t mean it won’t look good on you. It is also important to remember that you don’t have to keep the clothes as you buy them. Get creative and cut the slit of a dress higher. The dress doesn’t have a slit? Make one.

It’s obvious that thrifting may not be for everyone, and it doesn’t have to be, but if you’re willing to go out and take the time, then hopefully this guide will provide some guidance during your next consignment shopping adventure.


Women’s Outfit:
Jersey: $6
Skirt: $9.99
Hat: $1.50
Total: $17.49


Men’s Outfit:
Blazer: $4
T-shirt: $4
Pants: $6
Hat: $1.50
Total: $15.50