The double-brained-child of RickoLus and Bleubird, Hurricane Party is a pop/rap (prap?) mashup project. On the sports-air-horn-and-rambling-rich episode 317 of the Tuff Gnarl podcast, Hurricane Party debuted two new tunes: LIVN” and “A1A.Podcast host Chuck Livid says that Hurricane Party “can best be described as Florida’s answer to Gorillaz”—and the tunes bear that out. Both the podcast and a YouTube live performance feature fuzz-faced, woozy bass, minimal keyboard motifs, and clackety beats ruling the mix, all pulled along by RickoLus’ sleepwalker vocal delivery, contrasted by Bleubird’s fleet-tongued (like that visual?) rapping. Does the world need another musical mashup/hybrid/aggregate? Who the Hell knows? But Hurricane Party have released a couple of strong tracks, enjoy certain local music cred, are funny as hell as podcast interviewees, and are sure to excite, dare I say arouse, the music fans of Northeast Florida.

The duo plays Rain Dogs in Five points on June 29. Check out Hurricane Party carousing in the video below.