Spending money at The PLAYERS is dangerously easy. Despite the increased amount of fun that can come with breaking one’s budget at one of the city’s most well-run and beautiful events, it seems that most of us enter the post-PLAYERS week wondering if we could have been just a tad more careful with our spending. It is a lesson that most of us learn, or relearn, this time of year and every year. In an effort to outsmart ourselves, we’ve put together a small guide, ahead of time, to a healthier and more rewarding budget at this year’s PLAYERS.

  • First things first, getting there and parking. Transportation costs are always an easy cost to cut, and those who carpool to The PLAYERS will save more than the environment this year. Fans with four or more guests in a vehicle can park for free Thursday through Sunday with the “Four for Free” parking voucher. If you’re looking to take full advantage of Ponte Vedra’s outdoors (or avoid the traffic), you can now break out the beach cruiser. Spectators that arrive via bike will receive complimentary bike valet service, Thursday through Sunday from 7:30 a.m. until the end of play. Tournament volunteers will secure and monitor the bikes for free.
  • This year, The PLAYERS will allow fans to bring in their own food, as long as it is in a 1-gallon clear, plastic bag and food items are wrapped in a clear wrap.  While fans are not able to bring in their own beverages, there will be chilled, filtered drinking water available at the permanent restrooms. Just hold onto your bottle and refill as needed. Knowing how the heat can get in May, “as needed” means at least every hour.
  • And the kids? Youth 18 and younger will be admitted free of charge when accompanied by a ticketed adult. There is no limit on the number of accompanying youth, so if you’re, say, a recreational sports team, a ticket for the coach is a ticket for the whole team. In addition, all career military (active duty, reserve, veterans and dependents) will receive complimentary admission to the tournament all week. Score.

Look, it is not unlikely that we will all spend money that we did not intend to at this year’s PLAYERS. For many, this is a usual component of a good time at a great event. However, we are also aware of how much better it can feel to look back on a week-long memory in May and know that you didn’t break the bank, but still had an awesome time. We hope you take this guide into consideration, and have a great week at The PLAYERS.