On March 8, Sun-Ray Cinema will be screening a new documentary called “A Plastic Ocean.”

“A Plastic Ocean” is a joint exploration of documentary filmmaker Craig Leeson and world record free-diver Tanya Streeter. They traveled the globe to investigate the effects of plastic on the ocean and ocean life.screenshot--2017-03-06-11-22-35

“A Plastic Ocean” is filmed in 20 different locations around the world, and shows both the beauty and vulnerability of the earth. Plastic is manmade, and they discovered that it has created long-lasting and devastating destruction on the ocean and the life within it, from fish to whales and even shore birds.

This plastic also finds its way into our food chain.

The film offers concrete suggestions to help reduce the amount of plastic that is found in the ocean.  This involves avoiding the use of water bottles, plastic bags and other single-use plastic items. This way, the community can reduce the use of plastics generally tossed aside after use. Using recyclable products, recycling and demanding the responsible disposal of consumer and industrial plastics can prevent plastic from traveling through sewer drains, rivers and ultimately reaching the ocean. 

The U.S. Green Building Council, Florida Chapter, offers a film series called “The Green Carpet Film Series” that seeks to educate and inspire viewers about the need to adopt sustainable lifestyles.  It aims to explain the problems and encourage action to directly address them.

Professor Quinton White, a professor at Jacksonville University and the Executive Director of JU’s Marine Science Research Institute, will be on the panel afterward the screening.

“Professor White was instrumental in arranging for OCEARCH to choose JU for its headquarters,” said Kathrine Rowe, volunteer chair of the Green Carpet Film Series.

OCEARCH is the program that tags and monitors great white sharks, including those that hang out near our beach shores.

“A representative from the Surfrider Foundation is also going to be on the panel to discuss some local efforts to curb the use of plastic bags in Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach and surrounding areas,” Rowe said.

The documentary is being screened at Sun Ray Cinema in Five Points at 1028 Park St. on Wednesday, March 8, 2017 at 7 p.m.  There will also be an after party hosted at Hoptinger’s new location across the street from the theater after the screening.