“One large cheese, a medium pepperoni and a pizza cookie, please.”

Get ready to add a great new addition to your order. Come Monday, Pizza Hut is rolling out an 8-inch chocolate chip cookie, sliced up and served hot like a pizza. Done in partnership with Hershey, it is called no other than, the Ultimate Hershey’s Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Pizza Hut is trying to amp up sales in a $39 billion competitive market, especially geared towards the younger consumers. The cookie is $4.99 if purchased with a pizza, and $5.99 solo.

Around 70 percent of consumers told Pizza Hut that they want some type of sweet treat after eating their pizza. With Domino’s offering cinnamon sticks, and apple pies from Papa John’s, Pizza Hut has added yet another option to the mix, following their cinnamon sticks and chocolate dunkers.

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