In case you weren’t already fantasizing about living in New Zealand, here’s one more reason to pack up and fly to Middle Earth — pizza drones. That’s right, flying drones that deliver pizza. No more awkward conversations with delivery drivers, no more pretending that all those pizzas you ordered are for your “friends.” We welcome our new pizza drone overlords.

Pizza Drone

Domino’s Pizza in New Zealand just successfully tested a flying robot that will drop a pizza right on your doorstep. It worked well enough that they plan on rolling it out to customers across the country later this year. Yet another nifty international innovation for Americans to be envious of. New Zealand is one of only a handful of countries that has approved autonomous drone deliveries.

In an ideal world, everything would be delivered via flying drone. They would never get lost or show up at your door smelling like weed (or the other way around), and they would never judge you for what (or how much) you order. The best thing of all though, is that you don’t need to tip a drone.

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Unfortunately, the U.S. is a little behind the times when it comes to flying robots. We have a lot more regulations in place that make it more difficult for companies to do things like this. Drones need to be a certain size and weight, stay at a particular height and only fly during daylight, among other things. We also have a lot of very stupid people who would definitely try to destroy the drone, just for fun. Think about the bratty little kids or oft-drunk college students that probably live near you. How long would it take for them to start throwing rocks at the poor little pizza drone to try and crash it? Not long at all, I would bet.

New Zealand’s population is much smaller and less densely clustered together as the typical American city. Drones make a lot of sense there, as it would probably be a lot faster to deliver things via the air than try to navigate some of the mountainous country roads they have. Oh, and with (probably) more sheep than people, the likelihood that some idiot will throw things at the drones is slim.

Hopefully someone will engineer an idiot-proof drone one day, perhaps equipped with lasers. Until then though, let’s all dream about living in New Zealand with all of their sheep and flying pizzas.