Anglers (especially those who are boat-less) despair. The so-dubbed Jacksonville Beach Fishing Pier will close in the fall and will remain closed for at least two years as the city works to repair damage caused by Hurricane Mattew.

Waves from the powerful 2016 hurricane dismantled the last 300 feet of the pier, a structure beloved by fisherpeople and pedestrians, as well as surfers who ride the well-formed waves that break over the sandbars that build up near the pier’s pilings.

A portion of the pier reopened in 2018, but, at less than half its former length, it has been fishable only at higher tides.

According the to The Florida Times-Union, the city plans to renovate the damaged portion, making it “higher and stronger.”

“Tom Goldsbury, chief of the city’s building inspection department, said engineers have designed the pier to survive a 50-year storm,” the article states.

No doubt it will be a trying two years for Northeast Florida anglers. But surfers, who often ride waves while dodging heavy tackle cast upon the lineup from the fisherpeople above, may not mind the respite.

We’ll have more on this story as it develops.