June is our second month curating Void’s “Photo of the Month,” where students from around the area submit their works, and the best ones are featured here. This month, UNF students Kiersten Brauner, Hannah Shaffer and Jasmine D. Ruffin are our featured photographers. Discover how these young photographers created their works below. Submit your own for next month’s section!

Pom Tree

Pom Tree — Kiersten Brauner

Photo Title: Pom Tree

Process: Construction and post-production

Camera: Nikon D3000

Location: Jacksonville, FL

Artist’s Statement: This body of work deals with reconstruction of the typically ignored. These images were created through the careful deconstruction and reconfiguration of foods and items found commonly in kitchens. Items that are often overlooked once sought out, purchased, and removed from their original setting.

Untitled #2

Untitled #2 — Kiersten Brauner

Photo Title: Untitled #2

Process: Fabrication

Camera: Nikon D3000

Location: Rome

Artist’s Statement: This project was born from a desire to hybridize street photography with a hand coloring technique. The manipulation of both subject and coloration allows me to expand upon the documentary genre and to create new worlds from a combination of instantaneous moments. The intent of these adjustments is to alter the narrative of my original photographs by combining them to create new scenes.


Man Cave

Man Cave — Hannah Shaffer

Photo Title: Man Cave

Process: Tableau with minimal post production.

Camera: Nikon D7000

Location: Charleston, South Carolina

Artist’s Statement: In this tableau, I am allowing the viewer to take a closer look into the mind of a young man as he’s a soldier fighting in the field. He is safe from the confines of his bedroom at night, where he conquers and protects the world around him.

Beneath the Water

Beneath the Water — Hannah Shaffer

Photo Title: Beneath the water

Process: Shot from beneath, using a fish tank to dunk the face.

Camera: Nikon D7000

Location: Jacksonville, Florida

Artist’s Statement: An underwater exploration using the water surface as tension to create beautiful textures surrounding the face. The bubbles play a huge role in this image as it adds character and depth, showing off a wild and sublime range of emotion.


Suspension & Attraction — Jasmine D. Ruffin

Photo Title: Suspension & Attraction

Process: Digital Pigment Print
Camera: Nikon D3200
Location: Orange Park, Florida
Artist’s Statement: Oil and water are known to repel each other when suspended in the same container. But when suspended and slightly stirred, these two suddenly become “civil” and work together to create something so visually stimulating and imaginative, it draws you in and refuses to let you look away. Through my own hands, I have paired these two liquids together to produce a series of evocative abstractions that make permanent the ever-changing visual relationship between oil and water.

Void’s photo of the month is furnished by local photography and art students from around Northeast Florida. To submit your work, email zach@voidthemag.com and include the following information with your artwork:

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