With our third month of Void’s “Photo of the Month,” we feature local UNF student Robert Curtis, who sent us two brilliant photos. The first of these photos, titled, “Encompassing Power #32” might just be my favorite submission thus far. While beautiful in a strange way, Curtis’ photo will provoke some deep thoughts about the human impact on our environment. Discover how he created his works below. Submit your own for next month’s section!


Encompassing Power #32 — Robert Curtis

Photo Title: Encompassing Power #32

Process: Documentary

Camera:  Nikon D7000

Location: Jacksonville, Fl

Artist’s Statement:  It always amazed me how much variety surrounded the cooling towers of JEA and in the series Encompassing Power, I present the cooling towers in the many different landscapes Northeast Jacksonville has to offer.


Ebb — Robert Curtis

Photo Title: Ebb

Process: Artificial lighting and minimal post process.

Camera: Nikon D7000

Location: Mayport Road, Jacksonville, Fl

Artist’s Statement: In the series, A Point of Decline, I artificially light landscapes to create dream-like images with set focal points and vivid colors.

Void’s photo of the month is furnished by local photography and art students from around Northeast Florida. To submit your work, email zach@voidthemag.com and include the following information with your artwork:

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