May is our first month curating this new section dubbed, “Photo of the Month.” Each month, students from around the area will submit their works, and the best ones will be featured here. This month, Alexis Molinaro and Nik James, who are both enrolled at UNF, are our featured photographers. Read on to find out how they created these breathtaking photos.

Photo TitleSail Your Own Vessel
Process: Fully fabricated composition with a minimal post-production 
Camera: Canon Mark II 5D 
Location: St Augustine, Florida
Artist’s StatementSail Your Own Vessel is a symbolic self-portrait created after the personal desire to take responsibility over my own vessel, self (mind, body, spirit), even when the storm is on the horizon.
Photo TitleReach
Process: Projected image on white wall, no post-production editing. 
Camera: Canon Mark II 5D
Location: St. Augustine, Florida
Artist’s StatementReach is one of 10 self-portraits from my “Reverie” series. This image is created with a projection to simulate the notion of daydreaming.
To see more of Molinaro’s works, visit her website below:


Photo Title: Transposition #2
Process: Digital Pigment Print
Camera: Nikon D3000
Location: Downtown Jacksonville
Artist’s Statement: In the series Transposition, I illustrate sequences of change, repetition, and movement through a space by using similar, miniature sized objects. On location, in downtown Jacksonville, I created small scale installations with miniature objects and photographed them during a “decisive moment.”


Void’s photo of the month is furnished by local photography and art students from around Northeast Florida. To submit your work, email and include the following information with your artwork.

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