A photograph taken under the intracoastal waterway bridge on Beach Boulevard is the featured photo on Bing’s homepage.  The photo was taken by Greg Difranza of Jacksonville Beach.


Greg DiFranza of Jacksonville Beach

The Bing homepage photo always features clickable squares with clues to the location featured in the photo of the day.  The photo of Jacksonville on April 16, 2014 provided the following clues:

“Beyond the bridge in this clever photo is the largest city by area in the Lower 48.  Have any guesses where we are?”

“What looks like a hallway in the Emerald City from one angle might just be a bridge in Florida.”

“One major feature of the waterway here is that many of these canals, creeks and rivers have a ‘no wake speed limit.’  It makes for a nice leisurely cruise.”

“You’ll pass by this spot if you’re traveling up or down the Atlantic Seaboard via one of the United States’ longest liquid highways…”

Greg DiFranza was trained as a police crime scene photographer.  He is a native of Jacksonville Beach and a graduate of Fletcher High School.  He is a Kodokan Judo champion and third degree black belt.  He is a retired Master Patrolman for the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, and currently serves as an expert witness in legal cases.  He said he “finds peace” in photography.  More of his photography can be seen at 500px.