We’ve all had those moments when you feel as if you are on your deathbed and the thought of moving a muscle, let alone getting up and going to the drugstore for your desperately needed meds, is out of the question. Imagine, if rather than dragging yourself to the pharmacy, your drugs would be delivered to you, at any time of the day, in under 15 minutes. Not only just delivered to you but delivered by a computer operated, unmanned drone.


A new delivery service called, QuiQui, does just this. The revolutionary new service is coming soon to San Francisco’s Mission District. The 24-hour service will charge $1 for delivery, plus the cost of the goods. These convenient modern drones are also eco-friendly as they give off zero emissions and use quiet clean electric power. The automated service is also completely legal after the Federal Aviation Administration lost a lawsuit allowing it to ban commercial drones. The delivery drones won’t fly above 500 feet and won’t be anywhere near airports so they won’t interfere with air traffic.

For those thinking about how people could easily steal these nifty drones, QuiQui is one step ahead and will never let the devices get below 20 feet in the air. Therefore, the meds will be dropped from in the sky as opposed to landing the devices on the ground.

QuiQui seems to be just the beginning in drone delivery services, as they have become the talk of the town. Who knows what’s next to come but we do know this is the start of a huge change in home-delivery services and one less reason for shut-ins to have to leave the house.