Here at the Void office, we’re busy prepping for our first-ever issue on the upcoming Players tournament held at TPC Sawgrass in which a big focus of the issue will be highlighting the younger generation of golfers that are making an impact on the game as we know it.

And the video released today dubbed “Golf Boys 2.Oh” includes PGA Tour stars Ben Crane, Bubba Watson, Rickie Fowler and Hunter Mahan seems to confirm our suspicions that the golf world may finally be ready to take that next step in creating fun household names that aren’t named Phil or Tiger.

Golf Boys 2.Oh is the encore performance feeding off the hugely successful first campaign “Oh Oh Oh” that centers around the PGA’s exclusive boy band, Golf Boys. In the video you can see Rickie rapping about his flat bill hat, Bubba dressed in his signature shirt-less overalls with a button-up, Hunter with his “man hair” and Ben Crane dressed as, well, a crane.

Undoubtedly this video is more entertaining than its predecessor but it was also created with the organization My Charity Water in mind to assist in donations to provide clean water for 3rd world countries:

One of our goals behind making fun videos on YouTube is to raise awareness and support for a crisis that is anything but fun: the clean water crisis.

Imagine if you had no clean water. Imagine walking 5 hours (almost as long as it takes Ben to play a round of golf) to the nearest river to collect water for your family — water that’s not even clean. Imagine giving that water to your kids.

While this might seem unimaginable to us, it’s a reality for 800 million people in developing countries. Every day, 5,000 kids die from water-related illnesses before they reach their fifth birthday. It doesn’t have to be that way. There are simple solutions like drilled wells, spring protections and BioSand filters that help provide clean water to communities around the world.

Bubba, Rickie, Hunter and Ben all feel very passionate about the clean water project and have pledged to donate 100% of the money raised via their fundraising page directly to the Charity Water organization. Upon completion, photos and GPS coordinates will be shared so that everyone who donated, can see the precise impact of their donation.

So while the PGA may have the stereotype of being a boring “old boys club”, the younger pros are certainly doing their part by introducing a new fanbase into a world of golf that’s charitable, highly entertaining and sorely needed for the future of the brand.

Give the video a watch below and be sure to stick with Void as we bring you more stories related to The Players in the coming months.