With THE PLAYERS occurring in early May in the outdoors of Northeast Florida, challenges exist when trying to decide what to wear. But if you follow these handy tips, you can spend more time comfortably researching how to attack tournament week than sifting through outfits and losing valuable time you can be at the Stadium Course.


Argyle, pastels and anything with dry tech

Unless you’re lucky enough to have a ticket in one of the air-conditioned suites, be prepared to sweat. A lot. Dress accordingly with light colored pastels or opt for the always classic argyle pattern.

Guys who want to stand out from a typical golf outfit of polos and khakis, go for pants with obnoxious (but fun) patterns like an American flag or Pabst Blue Ribbon from companies like Loudmouth Golf.

For ladies, believe me when I say wearing a maxi dress to a golf tournament can sound like a great idea. But in reality, it’s a hell-induced war that wages for hours on your body from the waist down.

Instead, go for a short sundress with pockets. Because is there anything better in life than a dress with pockets? (hint: no)


Sneakers, Converse or flip-flops

If you have to ask why only these types of shoes, you’ve never properly attended a golf tournament. Leave the heels and spiked shoes at home.


Baseball cap

This doesn’t apply solely to the ladies. I’ve seen some fisherman and straw hats at THE PLAYERS that could rival ladies at the Kentucky Derby.


If you happen to have a purse or you’re one of the few poor souls that wears cargo pants to a golf tournament, be sure to pack away a few of these items for a long day on the course:

Travel-sized sunscreen and deodorant

Cash, ID and credit card

Gum and hair tie (includes man-bun enthusiasts)

Chapstick or Baby Lips