Going over the ditch to get anything may seem like a sin to most “beachies” but you don’t have to go very far to find a great bagel. After the tragic loss of Bagel World, Jax Beach has gone without an awesome bagel place. Just over the ditch, but still in the 32250 zip code, you will find Bagels R Us — and you’ll be happy you did.

Bagels R Us is completely local, except the owner, Rico, he’s from Philly and he knows how to make a damn good bagel. The biggest myth to the bagel struggle in Jacksonville is that we can’t have great bagels because our water sucks. Well, funny enough that’s so not true.

“We don’t import water from other places, we just have an awesome purification system here in the store.” Rico said. “And because we don’t bring water in, we don’t have to charge more for our bagels.”

He’s not lying about the extra cost, Bagels R Us has a breakfast plate for a small total of $4.79 and that comes with a bagel, eggs and your choice of bacon, sausage, turkey bacon or ham.Oh and by the way, there are SO many different types of cream cheeses, so if you’re feeling frisky enough to try a raisin walnut cream cheese, then do it! I get it, going over the ditch seems like a stretch, but if you live on the north side of Beach Blvd. you are traveling the same distance as you did to Bagel World, and these bagels are certainly worth it. Stop spending your money on fast food breakfasts that may or may not fill you up. Buy local and buy awesome!