Instead of just mindlessly playing a game online to pass time or just for the fun of it, what if your efforts went towards feeding the hungry all over the world?

Well that’s exactly what this company has done by creating an online game for users that contributes to world hunger efforts. Players get to answer questions in any category, say English Vocabulary, and for each answer they get right, they automatically send 10 grains of rice anonymously to a hungry person somewhere in need. For each correct answer, there is 10 more grains sent, and so on and so forth.

This game really works too! Here are some steps on how to start playing.

1. Visit

2. From right there on the home page, there is a question ready to go.

3. Start answering the questions you see and suddenly the rice count multiplies by 10 in the dish on the screen, which was literally is on the page as a visual.

4. Play as long as you please and donate while doing it!


After having the immediate gratification of winnig a bunch of rice to be donated to someone in need, for some people, it sounds way too good to be true. If you do some research, you will find that is legitimate and that your rice is going to the right places., a website that debunks online rumors and scams, reported that the creator, John Breen, indeed generated the computer program in 2007 with a sister program called Breen has a past in creating computer programs that help raise awareness and it should be noted that in 2007, the amount of rice grains donated was at only 830 grains, but by 2009, the number of grains donated went to a staggering 65, 307, 213, 570 grains.



The rice is distributed by World Food Programme (WFP) of the United Nations and the number of grains continue to grow exponentially.

Some people wonder where the funding for such a project comes from. confirmed that advertisements on the website pay for the rice, and the more traffic to the site, the more the advertising revenue is gained and therefore used to purchase and donate the rice. Currently, says that, as of today, they have donated over 100 Billion grains of rice as a result of the site.

Also on the site, is a link to World Food Programme’s newsletter, as well as some other articles with current news on world hunger for  your convenience or curiosity. You can also play individually, or you can join with a group of friends too, and choose from categories such as humanities, english, math, chemistry, language learning, and geography. There is even a test prep question category for the SAT for those young ones looking to learn in an interactive fashion.

If interested, you can register online at the site or just play without registering. You can also download the freerice app (for free) to any of your mobile devices. The grains will still be donated.

So what do you say Jacksonville? Is the 904 ready to donate some rice or what?