It’s back and it’s better – Riding the wave of success from the inaugural One Spark festival that brought over 100,000 people to downtown Jacksonville in April 2013, One Spark has trickled out details of improvements for 2014 and implemented a crowdfunding campaign of its own to garner financial support for the festival.

About One Spark

One Spark, the world’s crowdfunding festival, is committed to fostering environments of creativity and innovation by showcasing artists, entrepreneurs and innovators from around the world for five days every spring in downtown Jacksonville, Fla. Creators are provided a platform to connect their ideas with resources to make it happen. The festival is an interactive experience that allows attendees to support ideas and projects that inspire them and decide on the next big thing. One Spark 2014 will be held April 9-13, 2014. To learn more or sign up to be a creator or volunteer, visit

RocketHub Campaign

“We’re thrilled with the support One Spark has received so far from our community,” said One Spark’s Executive Director Joe Sampson. “But we still have a long way to go to fund One Spark 2014 and need to demonstrate strong community support along the way to have a successful 2014 festival. We’re asking folks, ‘Did you attend One Spark last year? Did you enjoy it and do you believe it’s a great thing for Jacksonville? If so, please help fund next year’s festival by contributing $10 today’.”

“RocketHub is excited to partner with One Spark to support their initiative of bringing together people with great ideas – as crowdfunding now plays an important role in creativity, entrepreneurship, and community building,” said RocketHub’s CEO Brian Meece.


To ensure that next year’s festival provides an even better experience for everyone involved, several enhancements have been made, including:

– Updating categories to include Innovation alongside Art, Music, Science and Technology

– NEW prize structure! (details below)

– A more walkable, condensed event footprint including 20 square blocks with added programming

– MORE voting and information kiosks

New Prize Structure for 2014

One Spark is all about the Creators and con

necting great ideas with the resources they need to make them a reality. As such, we’ve taken your feedback and modified our prize structure for 2014 to provide the top Creators with those BIG checks they need to be extra amazing. Here’s how it goes down in 2014:

– One Spark has upped the game to include $300,000 in prizes this year!

– $200,00 will be distributed solely by public vote using the same format as 2013

– NEW! The Creator’s project that receives the most votes in each category will receive a $10,000 bonus prize!!!

– NEW! A panel of industry experts will select one Creator’s project from each category to receive a $10,000 bonus prize!!!

– Attendees are able to contribute directly to any project they choose

– More investors on the ground bringing millions in potential capital to the table

The crowdfunding campaign runs September 1 – October 15, 2014. “Goods,” or rewards for donating to One Spark’s campaign, include everything from a shout-out on Twitter for a $10 donation to One Spark VIP passes and Legends Series tickets for a $1,000 donation. One of the more unique rewards still up for grabs is One Spark’s digital media manager getting a tattoo of your choice on his left shin for an $800 donation. The full list of “Goods,” funders and the current crowdfunding total can be viewed on One Spark’s RocketHub page:

For those of you waiting around for that “something” or “it factor” Jacksonville is missing, it’s here! So support it One Spark and let’s continue to make our city a place to be proud of. Imagine the headlines in 5-10 years from now: Jacksonville resident invents cure for Cancer, Jacksonville technology group the leader in robotics, Jacksonville company uses 3D printing to create organs and save lives, Jacksonville the place for entrepreneurs,  Jacksonville Jaguars win Super Bowl, Jacksonville the Bold New City of the South that you want to visit, Jacksonville: Where Dreams Come True.

One Spark 2014 will take place on April 9-13, 2014 in downtown Jacksonville.