Forty-thousand Instagram followers is multiple butt-loads of people that give a shit about you and/or what you do. Imagine 40K cats following you around town all day, meowing whenever you do something notable. Victoria Moronta doesn’t associate with cats of that population size (as far as Void knows), but she does have 40K in Instagram followers, all down for her and her cause(s). So why doesn’t anyone in Jacksonville Beach know her?

Amidst an unrealistic schedule, which includes freelance modeling for international, Insta-heavy brands, like Traingl Swimwear and Pura Vida Bracelets, working part-time at Salt Life’s retail store and starting a full-time job at Baptist Health, we were able to shoot her 10 offbeat questions, to be answered accordingly. We’re thrilled to be able to give her an improper introduction, and hopefully, this effort makes things between Victoria and yourself a bit more … personal. Here we go.

Date a vampire or a werewolf? Werewolf. THRILLER.

Least favorite Insta-trend? Duck-face selfies. #byefelicia

Spirit-animal? Elephant.

Weird habit that you’re proud of? I have to make my bed and tidy up my house before I leave each morning — little bit of a neat freak.

Coffee or tea? Both. Coffee to wake me up and tea to wind down.


Second most used emoji? Blushing smiley face.

Best throwback jam? Anything Usher.

Most relatable MTV reality star? Goodness, I have no idea … haven’t watched MTV in years.

Weapon of choice? Education — a well-read women is a dangerous creature.


Strangest direct message you’ve ever received? I received an odd email once asking me to Facetime this person’s coworker for his birthday, and explaining in detail his crazy infatuation with me.

You’re a little bit blackout outside the Ritz. You fumble your Ritz Dog, and in a janky attempt to save your edible savior before it hits the ground, you reach out, lose your balance and knock over a row of twenty Hells Angel’s motorcycles. The gang then surrounds you and makes it clear that they’re going to eliminate* you (the cops are not able to help you because they themselves are in line for Ritz Dogs and don’t want to lose their spot #understandable). How do you save yourself? I’d probably pick out the guy in the group with the longest ponytail and chat hair secrets with him in an attempt to distract everyone from the mess I made. Once forgiven, I’d ask if I could feature their bikes in a photoshoot … problem (hopefully) solved.

We weren’t able to photoshop an image for the above answer (difficulty level: difficult) but we did find this gif(t) of an elephant smoking a joint and scuttling around in a variety of Chuck Taylors. It is “equally as important.”


Thanks Victoria, best of luck at Baptist! If we ever catch you at the Ritz, shots are on us. F*** it. We’ll get you a Ritz Dog too.

Featured Photo: @captain.barto