Featured Image Credit: Steve Sherman

It was in my Intermediate Accounting II class, during a discussion on long-term debt instruments, that something fierce possessed me and led me to contact the guys over at What Youth for a swift interview. The only thing more unorthodox than that series of events is What Youth, itself — a quarterly publication that abstractly features some of the best in surfing, skating and art. Yes, they are headquartered in California. No, they are not pretentious creatives. Without further ado, here is a one-minute interview with Travis Ferre, co-founder and editor-in-chief of What Youth.

Who’s taking the Lowers Pro? Steph Gilmore.

Noa Deane’s airs? Carbonated.

Has Dion [Agius] stopped growing? Beards…no.

Next location? Montreal.

Favorite skateboard brand? William Strobeck.

Worst color? Burnt Sienna (Crayons).

Alex Olson’s pigtails? Deleted.

Brad Domke? Call Futures.

You’re at 7/11, the beer isle. You grab a sixer, and the void is filled by Jennifer Lopez, smiling from inside the stocking room. You say… “In living color.”

Thanks Holly, thanks Travis! More one minute interviews to come — stay tuned.