The East Coast can be a difficult place to make certain dreams come true. More often, it is America’s “left hand,” the West Coast, that holds handsome opportunity for individuals seeking out a fulfilling career and captivating lifestyle. Although the allure of the Golden State remains potent, those of the “right hand,” such as Mikey DeTemple, know damn well of our precious limb’s current capabilities and potential. Mr. DeTemple is one of the East Coast’s finest, an award-making surf-filmmaker, surfer under Hurley, and director of short films for GQ, Olympus and Jack Spade. Most recently, he was chosen by Stylecaster as one of their 50-most-stylish New Yorkers. The list goes on, and Mikey remains true to form. Check out a small piece of this luminary’s personality, below.

Favorite Christmas gift ever?
I’m half Jewish.

Style cheat code?
Google “Yosemite in the 60’s.”

Last time you got crunk?
Drank some Bourbon, neat, at a friend’s wedding last week.

Favorite adjective?
I use “amazing” way too often.

Novelty waves?

Weapon of choice?

6’8 single fin pin tail.

Narwhal — real life unicorn of the sea.

Who’s up next?
Am I supposed to call someone out?

New York?
I love you.

A scene from the last dream you remember?
Repeating nightmare that the surf is pumping and I’m stuck in traffic and don’t make it in time. That’s actually pretty close to real life.

Thanks, Mikey!