Next time you see Justin Quintal you should consider thanking him. Not for exemplifying how to embody style between every breath taken, not for expanding your step-dance repertuar, on and off a longboard, pro bono, and not for not stealing your girlfriend/fiancee/wife (because he could if he wanted to). On second thought, those are all permitting reasons, but don’t actually thank him … that would be weird. Instead, you ought to admire from a distance. Uh, maybe that would be weird, too. How about you just get to know him a little, perhaps by consuming his responses to a recent interrogation we conducted, below. He’s a cool motherf*****.

Cooler Ranch or Nacho Cheese? Cooler Ranch.

Longboarding cheat-code? Ask Joel [Tudor].

Most meaningful line from a song? “Turn down for what?”

Favorite candy? Whatever gets the kids in my van.

Admit something you have never admitted before. I wish I was a shortboarder.

Strongest culture-shock experience? Watching sheep get their throats slit, heads cut off and faces burnt off with a blow torch while girls took selfies in front of the massacre. That was the last place I went, this little island chain in-between Iceland and Scotland.

Insight51? So two years ago, I ride for Flomotion, now.

Last thing that gave you diarrhea? Politics.

What does Jacksonville Beach need? We needed the Surfer Bar, but it looks like it’s too late for that. More small businesses, coffee shops, organic food restaurants.

Lebron James, George Washington, Martha Stewart. Commit a crime (name it) with one, eat breakfast everyday for a year (where) with one, crop-dust one.  Heist with George Washington, eat with Lebron at Delicomb, crop-dust Martha.

This is usually where we put a banger Photoshop image to illustrate the answer to our final question, but we’re lazy and came across something much radder. Below is Part I. of Justin Quintal’s strike mission to Peru, shot and edited by Drew Miller. You’re gonna like the things you see, we guarantee it.


Thanks, Justin!

Featured Photo: An alteration of a shot by @gnargasm.