Cody Thompson requires no formal introduction. The modish gent has been holding down North Florida on an unmatched level, since forever. Above his ability to slay every show of swell in the Atlantic, the guy is a genuine human being. Put purely, both our city and state needs more people with his sincerity and levelheadedness. I’ve only had the pleasure of speaking with Cody on a few, brief occasions, but his temper is never short of grandeur. But I’m not here to sell you on his character. I only wish to provide you with a Costco-size sample of what one of Jacksonville Beach’s most-achieving surfers has in mind. Enjoy!

Coolest thing ever? Gratitude.

Default comeback? “Whatever.”

Grocery item that you continue to buy but forget use? Greens.

Best way to deal with someone dropping in? Pass and/or be passive.

Presidential campaign slogan? “Free Gucci.”

Beach bar at which you’ve suffered the most casualties? Mellow has my heart but The Ritz has my debit card.

Worst phrase in making its way around surfing? “Dude, you missed it.”

If you were a fighter pilot, what would you name your plane? Soul Plane.

Last time you were wrongfully naked? Anytime I enter the ocean after midnight.

Stephen King and Kai Neville are directing a new, surf-horror flick. Your character has been cast, but you are unable to act because of Ebola or something. King sends you a text message, asking who you’d prefer take over your part in the movie. You answer…

Thanks, Cody!

Readers, Cody’s brother, Trey, was recently diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer. He is a young husband and father, but most of all, he is a member of our community that would greatly benefit from your love and support. Find out more about Trey’s cause, as well as how you can become involved in helping him kick cancer’s ass, at his Give Forward page.

Featured Photo Credit: Facebook/Matt Lusk