The second installment of the One-Minute Interview series may read longer than one minute, though rightfully so — due to the man in the hot seat being Chas Smith, a legend of countless words. He’s penned multiple stories for stellar publications, including Surfing Magazine, Vice, Playboy, GQ and the New York Times Magazine. Most recently, the slick-haired-model-in-denial authored, “Welcome to Paradise, Now Go to Hell,” a humorously-unsmiling expose of the North Shore’s mutinous surf culture. Now, he’s co-piloting an equally, if not more edgy, news vehicle by the name of Beach Grit. If you were unaware of Chas and his work up to this point, then scroll with caution — the gent is dangerously clever and leagues ahead of surfing’s throng.

Beach Grit consists mainly of Morgan Massen, Derek Reilly and yourself. Damn. How’d that happen? I retired from surf writing a few months ago and I was completely done with the game. “Bigger and better!” I shouted to myself. But then Derek Reilly called. He is co-founder of Stab [Magazine] and we have worked together forever and ever. He is the most visionary and he is the one person who could bring me back. We tapped Morgs for his photographic excellence and off we went.

“Nike reentering the surf world.” Spell your source’s name backwards. On.

The cause of John John Florence’s downfall? He won’t have one. Our prince will retire in 9 years and pirate the world with Greyson Fletcher.

Kelly Slater’s “Outer Known.” Buy or sell? Buy it when it is called “Gucci!”

Worst way to quit smoking? Cold turkey.

Your wife is a full-time babe (and business mogul). What’s a guy gotta do? Be bold and demanding. Tell her what is happening. Make her fall in love.

Besides one-way tickets to Honolulu, what is your preferred form of currency? Round-trip tickets to Honolulu.

Luke Davis? Louie Chip can do no wrong.

Is Hank Moody the poor man’s Chas Smith? No. I only watched two seasons but hated everything about him. He is a try-hard piece of awful.

You, Wiz Khalifa, and Justin Bieber have just applied a very illegal substance. Simultaneously, the two pop-stars turn to you and request that you ghost-write their next album. You can only choose one. How do you go about it? Easy. Biebs. He is music’s Jamie O’Brien.

Make certain to head over to Beach Grit, where you can discover and enjoy everything the surf industry is too terrified to discuss.

Thanks, Chas!