We did it. We finally f*cking did it. If you’re still hard at work sending us hate mail composed of sexist allegations, you can put down the pen now because we have our first female in the series. We sort of really came through too. Our debut gal is a young thing who’s absolutely killing it right now … she goes by the name of Anastasia Ashley.

Perhaps you’ve pledged Insta-allegiance as one of her 667,000+ followers. Maybe you’re familiar with a certain Sports Illustrated Swimsuit shoot, probably the most unknowingly, successful #freethenipple campaign to date. Do we need to mention “the twerk seen around the world?” We feel like we don’t.

Along with a successful pro-surfing career and new line of jewelry, it’s safe to say Anastasia Ashley has most of the things that every girl wants in this day and age … except a boyfriend. With that in mind, we suggest that you dive head first into our interview with her, below. Feel free to somewhat regard it as Void’s version of her match.com profile.

Ultimate tactic to fend off guys? I tend to do that naturally, I don’t have one.

Cheetos. Crunchy or Puffs? Puffs like P. Diddy.

Dream neighbors? Any DJs who’d make me look better to my other neighbors that already hate me!

Dane Reynolds? I used to be friends with him, but he hasn’t called or texted me in awhile and I’m starting to think he’s over our friendship. I like his surfing though.

Weed? Don’t do it.

Instagram cheat-code? Bright colors.

Favorite candy? M&M’s.

My Chemical Romance? High school.

Give us an account of the wildest party you’ve ever attended. Probably my own house party when I was 15. People got arrested, it was known as the party of the year. I throw good parties.

What do you want for Christmas this year? A boyfriend.

Thanks Anastasia. We sincerely hope this helps with the whole boyfriend situation!