Zach Hodskins was born without a left forearm, but that hasn’t stopped him from pursuing his dream of playing basketball.

Zach currently plays guard on his high school team in Alpharetta, and has wowed the crowds and the internet world with his amazing shots.  Zach’s parents describe him as athletic and determined from birth, and say he never let his difference stop him from going after what he wanted.  If what he wants now is to play basketball at the University of Florida, that is now possible.  Coach Billy Donovan offered Zach a  spot as a “preferred walk-on'” according to ESPN.

While critics say the offer is nominal and Zach won’t really play, his father told CBS Sports  Zach has proven critics wrong in the past:”A couple coaches wouldn’t take him,” said Zach’s father, Bob. “I did worry. I knew Zach wasn’t gonna quit. Nobody was going to deter him. He knew where he stood, but it was finding the right people.” Will Zach take Coach Donovan and the Gators up on the offer?

In his own words, “I really do love my offer now at Florida.” His twitter feed, Z_B0 is testament to this athlete’s good character and encouraging nature as well.  He often tweets encouragement to other kids struggling with obstacles in their life, and he says “God has given me this opportunity.” “Z_BO” sounds a lot like another favorite Gator athlete…