How great is surfing in Northeast Florida in the summer? I mean besides the crowds, lack of beach-adjacent parking, tourists, lack of quality surf… did I mention crowds? Not to be stick in the mud, but summer in Northeast Florida has a tendency to test the resolve of even the most surf-stoked among us. Relatedly, June’s unrelenting flat spell has many of us here at Void considering other hobbies—HQ Trivia, anyone?

Not so for the region’s style-focused, pleasure-seeking longboard community who have an uncanny ability to keep the stoke alive. Despite a marginal knee-high-ish SE windswell in the water, dozens of the area’s best longboarders descended on Mary Street in St. Augustine for the third annual Old City Log Jam, a contest that celebrates classic longboarding technique (trimming, stalling, styling) and fun, fun, fun, while attracting the best practitioners of the approach from the eclectic community of Northeast Florida log-evangelists.

The 9-foot plus, single fin, the proper equipment for the log jam (or most summer days in NE FL). Photo: Gabrielle Wilde

Started by St. Augustine style masters Chris Tincher, Alex Hobbs, and Chad Doyle to reflect the emerging longboard renaissance best exemplified by Joel Tudor’s traveling road show, the Duct Tape Invitational, the Log Jam kicked out its 3rd year of competition in small, but fun surf on Saturday.

“The conditions for the Log Jam have nothing to do really with the waves and everything to do with the people who are involved,” Tincher explains of a Log Jam scene he likens to Mad Max meets Beach Blanket Bingo. “The crowd that turned up [this year] was epic and really that froth level and pure stoke are what makes the conditions for the Jam so rad! I mean in the expression session you had local boy Sunny Stevens draped in full red white and blue cape and Whig throwing a fin-first while [local surfer] Turtle burned him on an inflatable raft. Just epic!”
Epic Indeed!
Besides women’s division winner Maddie Franz and men’s winner and local legend Josh Autrey, standouts included Alex Hobbs, Sean Cusick, Pat Nichols, and second place finisher, Trenton “Tarpits” Phillips who also took home $250 from Justin Quintal/Rickey Carrol board brand Black Rose MFG. for being named the event’s most stylish surfer.
“We have so many rad individuals and genuine weirdos who contribute to our scene, from style legends like Chad Doyle (who is hands down the most stylish human to walk a foam plank this side of the Mississippi) to pro’s like Justin [Quintal] and Saxon Wilson,” Tincher explains.  “I guess more than other regions Northeast Florida is littered with cats and kittens who love to slide. We make sure to throw Shakas, cheese-out, and never take ourselves too seriously.”
See what I mean about keeping the stoke alive?
Check out the results and some highlights from this year’s event in the photo gallery below and stay tuned for a motion picture clip from Void contributor and talented logger Luke Kothera, who documented this year’s jam.
2018 Log Jam Results
1st-Josh Autrey
2nd-Trenton Phillips
3rd-Fisher Grant
4th Alex Hobbs
1st-Maggie Franz
2nd-Kate Barrattini
3rd-Amanda Giberson
4th-Addie Gibson
Most Stylish
1st-Trenton Phillips
2nd-Sean Cusick
3rd-Alex WIlson
4th-Rutledge Godley
Photos below courtesy of Darby Moore and Gabrielle Wilde.