Can you believe the hype? Not like, “Is he worthy of the hype?” But can you actually believe how much national press our rookie QB is getting?

Is it the mustache? The Odyssean origin story? The jorts?

At this point, who cares? Through his first four games, Minshew’s tallied some of the best numbers of any rookie, ever. He’s looked unshakeable, despite near constant harassment. And… he’s won back-to-back games.

Certainly, all of that feels good for Jags fans. And the national hype? That’s nice, too.

As you may know, Sunday NFL Countdown was in Jax, as was Jon Gries, AKA Uncle Rico. Reviving his role as a lovable, glory-days-reveling loafer from 2004’s Napoleon Dynamite, Gries ate at Waffle House and told Chris Connelly he taught GMII everything he knows, before parking his orange rig in front of TIAA Bank Field where he met up with Minshew. The two then threw footballs out of the stadium. Of course they did.

Was it funny? Meh. Do we like the attention? Oh yes. As long as it comes with W’s!

If you’re one of the few who hasn’t yet watched it, click play to see Gardner Minshew’s acting skills.