Hip-hop and gangsta-rap fans of the 904, it’s official. As of  7 p.m. on Wednesday March 5, 2014, Torence “Lil’ Boosie” Hatch has been released from prison.

Torrence "Lil' Boosie" Hatch at a Video Shoot in 2008

Hatch, 31, has been serving his sentence at Angola Prison, a Louisiana State Penitentiary, since 2009. He was incarcerated after pleading guilty to a third-offense marijuana possession charge. His official release date was scheduled for May, but in an Associated Press interview, Warden Burl Cain confirmed that Hatch was released early after completing counseling and drug classes that were required before his release.

Hatch would have been released earlier than Wednesday if he hadn’t violated rules set by the prison while in jail. He violated phone usage rules early in his sentence and was found trying to smuggle recreational drugs into the facility, which was why he was required to complete counseling and rehabilitation classes.

After being admitted to Angola, Hatch has publicly been accused of other crimes.

Torrence "Lil' Boosie" Hatch in prison.

Hatch’s most infamous legal mishap was being accused for the murder of Terry Boyd. He was accused of hiring a hit man to murder Boyd, who was shot and killed in May 2009.While in prison, his case went to trial, where he eventually was acquitted of the first-degree murder charge against him. Although he was acquitted, his drug charges still stood, keeping him incarcerated.

His release has been a hot topic in the media and it came as a surprise to many. Even to Hatch, who didn’t know of his release until an hour before he was set free, Cain said. The release wasn’t publicized as a precaution to “keep everything calm,” the warden said. Hatch is on supervised parole until 2018, and the “Free Boosie” campaign is officially over, as sources say Hatch is back in his hometown of New Orleans with friends and family.