The sports dead zone is nearly upon us. With a two week break before what will likely be a very boring super bowl between one team no one cares about and another that the NFL is banking on to draw enough hate-watchers to justify the ludicrous price tag for commercial spots this year, sports fans are soon to have very little to root for, besides inconsequential midseason NBA games.

Lags like these apparently inspire such boredom among the writers who work for news-aggregate websites–HuffPo, Buzzfeed, etc.–that the urge to type anything, really anything, seems to become too much to bear. Case in point this piece of dribble from Thrillist that ranks NFL teams’ fan bases from least to most obnoxious. “Thrillist means fun,” according the websites various social media banners. And one would imagine a list that ranks Jacksonville Jaguars fans as the least obnoxious would be a fun read for residents of the 904. So, let’s read what Thrillist’s news-aggregator Matt Meltzer has to say about those who bleed teal:

Jags fans are the NFL’s least obnoxious fans in large part because they BARELY exist, despite a surprise run to the 2018 AFC Championship Game with none other than Blake Bortles running the show. And while you’d think a group of people who are Gator fans on Saturday would be completely intolerable, Jags supporters get all of their annoyingness out during college games; by Sunday, they’re content to just come out and enjoy the nice weather, regardless of which former Florida college star is throwing INTs that week. Even when the team is good, some things never change.

Wow! Deploying an argument based on virtually no facts and a vague understanding Sunshine State geography–yes, the University of Florida is also in Florida–news-aggregator Meltzer really slammed us! But, let’s debate, shall we?

  1. Jags fans barely exist: Actually, the Jags had the 17th highest average attendance in the league over the course of the team’s seven home games in 2018, according to
  2. Jags fans are gator fans on Saturday: Not sure where this is coming from. I can only imagine that news-aggregator Meltzer used the Google Maps to find a college with a football team near Jacksonville. Yes, Gainesville–home to the University of Florida Gators–is in Florida. So are Tallahassee (Go Noles!) and Orlando (Go Knights!). Plus, without a football team of their own, many a UNF Osprey have adopted the Jags as their preferred football team. So a blanket assertion that all Jags fans are Gator fans is not only wildly inaccurate, it also ignores how annoying fans of FSU and UCF can be!
  3. Jags fans get all of their annoyingness out on Saturday: Please. Come to a game and have a man or woman in teal face paint bellow DUUUUUVAAAAAAL!!!!!! in your general direction. We are surely more obnoxious than you give us credit for.

But what say you? Are we obnoxious fans? Are news-aggregate sites obnoxious? Is Void obnoxious for aggregating a story from a news-aggregrating website?