For the last 48 years, the Super Bowl number for every year has been represented by roman numerals. This year’s numeral is Super Bowl XLVIII or Super Bowl 48.

The NFL was faced with making a decision on whether or not to represent Super Bowl 50 in Arabic number form like so, or in numeral form, which would be “L.” Ultimately, for design and branding purposes, the NFL decided to ditch the L for 2016 and name the game Super Bowl 50. The NFL recently released the logo pictured below.


Logo for Super Bowl 50.

“The “L” isn’t pleasing to the eye,” NFL vice president of brand and creative, Jaime Weston said in an interview with ESPN. She continued, “When we developed the Super Bowl XL logo, that was the first time we looked at the letter ‘L. Up until that point, we had only worked with X’s, V’s and I’s. And, at that moment, that’s when we started to wonder what will happen when we get to 50.”

According to NFL sources, it’s a one-time break, and after the 50th year of the championship, the Super bowl will go back to its familiar roman numeral names.

The game will take place on Feb. 7, 2016, at Levi’s Stadium, the new home of the San Francisco 49ers. At that time the Lombardi Trophy will appear bearing the gold number 50 and so will NFL’s Super Bowl logo.