Before filling early issues of Void with his off-kilter, highly readable music reviews and interviews with local music acts under the pseudonym Redfthr, Austin Allen was living in former editor Kayla Beckman’s closet when he was brought on as an intern for the flourishing surf report that would become Void Magazine.

Our readership was first introduced to the distinctive musings and Q&A-stylings of illustrious then-intern Redfthr (AKA Austin Allen) via this interview with BLORR (now Swimm) in Void Mag Issue #2.

“In between [founding partner] Jay Dodson yelling at me and me taking off my clothes in the office, I helped with the following: Account management, ad design, editorial contributions, party coordination, social management, and digital production. Oh and I produced two covers,” Allen says about his influential contributions to Void. Since parting ways with the mag, Allen helped found a very cool alt-surfboard brand with friend, pro surfer Justin Quintal.

“It’s called Black Rose Mfg. Check it out, or don’t, whatever,” he said in typical aloof, mysterious Redfthr style.

This article originally appeared as part of the feature “Where are they Now?” in Void Magazine, Vol. 9, Issue 10, the 100th Issue.