Only Heather Video

Everyone can relate to the feeling of being emotionally overwhelmed. Perhaps it feels as though someone took a massive sword and thrust in into you? Wild Nothing’s latest music video features an individual who is experiencing this sensation. The character in the video travels along a dark sidewalk in LA with a sword through his chest, as the words, “Cause I’m with Heather, yeah only Heather, can make me feel this way,” are repeated. The track titled, “Only Heather”, is the fifth song on Wild Nothing’s most recent album titled Nocture that was released on August 28, 2012. American indie rock and dream pop band is composed of front man Jack Tatum and features a backup band that frequently changes. Current members of Wild Nothing include bassist Jeff Haley, guitarist Nathan Goodman, Jeremiah Johnson the former drummer of the Chicago-based indie rock group Anathallo and keyboardist Kevin Knight.


To watch the latest Wild Nothing video, check out the YouTube video below from PitchforkTV’s channel.

[youtube id=”fD8Reb-zHXA” width=”600″ height=”350″]