American electronic musician Ernest Greene, better known as Washed Out, released his second full-length studio album Paracosm in early August. The album is a similar feel to previous Washed Out album’s such as Within and Without, but with more of a focus on Greene as a singer and songwriter rather than a producer. Greene refers to Paracosm‘s sound as “daytime psychedelia.” As a  veteran who redefined the chillwave scene with his single “Feel It All Around,” Greene once again shows listeners why he is one of the best artists in his genre. Listening to Paracosm, you will find the blend of organic and synthetic sounds mixed together seamlessly produce a consistent and enjoyable tone across all nine tracks of the album. Played from beginning to end, Paracosm feels like one continuous dream.


His first single off the album titled, “It All Feels Right,” is one of the best tracks on Paracosm. The track has a bit of a reggae feel to it that slowly combines in other elements of classical and electro as it plays out. As the summer comes to a bittersweet end, Greene’s latest record is the perfect fit for a fleeting summer soundtrack. Sub Pop Records published a video for the track about two months ago on YouTube. The video is nothing special, but the track is undoubtedly worth a listen. Check out the video below to hear why Paracosm is one of the summer’s best soundtracks.