After a long bout of silence, New Jersey’s favorite lazy-day band Real Estate is back with some new material. The band dropped a promo video on January 12 for their upcoming album titled Atlas, which is scheduled to be released on March 4. The video features the song “Talking Backwards,” which looks to be the first single off the forthcoming album. And from the looks of things, Real Estate hasn’t missed a beat.

Real 2

I was a bit nervous at first, thinking that this new album might sound too similar to the last, but it looks as if the boys from Jersey have found a way to keep their signature sound and yet still progress towards becoming a more complete and well-rounded band. This new video is a great way for Real Estate to preview some of their new material. It gives the viewer an inside look at their recording process and into their daily lives. For a band like Real Estate, whose music is so personal, this inside look does a nice job of connecting the dots from listener to musician. Be on the lookout for our continuous coverage  leading up to the release of Atlas, as we’ll be anxiously waiting with you. As always “tune in and turn on.” Listen below.