I love living in Jacksonville this time of year. It gets just cool enough during the day where you’re not sweating to death, yet it’s still warm enough for you hit the pier. I don’t know about you, but on days like this, I love to have the perfect song playing. “Advanced Falconry”, brought to you by a band known as Mutual Benefit, is exactly that song. Mutual Benefit is a group that has been making its way around the Boston indie scene for the past few years, but hasn’t seen a lot of publicity until recently.

Mutual 4

Mutual Benefit’s EP

The group recently dropped their new EP titled, Loves Crushing Diamond, which is a perfect showcase for the group’s own brand of experimental-folk music. “Advanced Falconry”, the EP’s single, opens with a violin that can’t help but to make the listener feel content, as if they are just falling into a state of bliss, which is only made better by the harmony created between the band’s vocalists Virginia de la Pozas and Julie Byrne. Mutual Benefit accomplishes what most other bands fail at; creating an emotional song that listeners can instantly grasp. No matter the listener, they will be forced to feel something. So go ahead, roll down those windows, go for a drive and crank up the tunes. You’ll be glad you did. View the song below.

Mutual 1